Vondom collaborates in the 2019 Climate Change Conference

Dec 4, 2019 | ENVIRONMENT, MEDIO AMBIENTE | 73 comments

We are official partners in the 2019 Climate Change Conference celebrated in Madrid for a more sustainable future.

From Monday, the 2nd of December, until Friday, the 13th, Madrid is the host city for the United Nations Climate Summit and therefore, the centre of the international climate struggle.

The main objective of this 25th edition of the event is to keep the planet´s overall average temperature increase as close as possible to 1.5ºC in order to prevent the rise in sea level, the loss of ecosystems and other phenomena which are harmful to the planet.

To achieve this, the event is gathering the most senior political representatives of more than 150 countries, people from major environmental and humanitarian organisations such as the UN, as well as others, such as Greta Thunberg, who are speaking up for future generations.

Ifema, the venue hosting the conference, has organised the space into two areas: the blue one, where the international conferences are taking place, and the green one, an area devoted to the presentation of various proposals and activities run by different sectors such as the innovation and science zone.

This is where Vondom is making an appearance with their new sustainable proposal “Revolution”, a commitment based on the production of items created with recycled plastic from the Mediterranean. Thus, via the Ibiza collection, the brand has furnished two rooms in Ifema, further reinforcing the goal of the summit and highlighting the importance of the seas and oceans. Carolina Schmidt, the Chilean Minister of the Environment, reminded us all of the urgency of the issue and announced her intention to give the summit a blue twist.

At Vondom, a brand of designer furniture, we understand that governments and companies are the first link in the chain to make this a better world. We want to be an organisation that contributes to change for a sustainable future and that is why we are championing a “Revolution”. More than collections, they are an example of recycling and innovation that contribute to a new form of consumption and the cleaning of the seas in order to help our planet Earth.